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Brokers need multiple rating tools to stay competitive

Today’s trucking market is characterized by high rates and constrained capacity; securing a truck at all can be difficult, and getting a decent rate can feel nearly impossible. Brokers and shippers should expect these challenges to continue well into 2022. To remain competitive in the new year, brokers and 3PLs need to focus on giving […]

2020: Future of Manufacturing Technology

Technology is an ever-evolving field, constantly mixing in new iterations and innovations to create exciting new opportunities for today’s manufacturers to reimagine their operations. In some instances, new technologies open the door for progressive manufacturers release truly innovative offerings of their own.

Google Photos finally lets you manually tag people in pictures

Google is finally adding the ability to manually tag someone in Google Photos, as reported by Android Police. Google Photos has always been able to automatically recognize faces and sort them for you, which makes managing your library far easier than having to tag people manually. But the system misses faces sometimes, and there’s never […]

Microsoft is bringing Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar to

Microsoft is planning to integrate Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar into its web mail client. After a quick setup process, you simply link a Google Account to an account, and Gmail, Drive documents, and Google Calendar will all be automatically displayed inside on the web.

Proving The Financial Contribution Of AI In Marketing Applications

Businesses and investors universally believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for can fuel new revenue and profit growth by reinventing customer journeys, transforming the customer experience, and optimizing investments in marketing and channels. Consequently, Investment in AI and ML for marketing applications is booming.

Instagram begins hiding likes globally

After Instagram said last week that it would extend hiding likes to the US, its users globally were hit with the change Thursday. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said it’s all about changing how people, especially young users, feel about the social media platform. “Today a small portion of people on Instagram worldwide will no […]

Google will help you pronounce difficult words

Google wants to make it easier to learn word pronunciations. Today, it introduced a new Search feature that will let users practice saying tricky words. When you look up a pronunciation, Google will provide an answer, and when you say the word into your phone’s microphone, Search will let you know if you said it […]

Walmart launches voice shopping for grocery on Apple

Walmart launched a Siri shortcut for online grocery in partnership with Apple on Tuesday, according to a company blog post. The shortcut allows customers to add products to their Walmart grocery cart by talking to Siri.