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Coronavirus Watch: Shopping Behavior Shifts, Walmart Hires Thousands

A new survey finds a dramatic increase in the number of shoppers affected by the coronavirus outbreak, across all ages and genders, over the last month. In the survey by First Insight, Inc., 75% of respondents said the virus is impacting their shopping behavior. That compares with 45% in a comparable survey conducted in February.

COVID-19 restricting US trucking route map

The rapid spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the United States is raising concerns about the ability to ship and deliver goods domestically as businesses are urged to shut down. Over the past week, COVID-19-related closures rapidly extended beyond schools, universities, and churches to bars, restaurants, and other public places.

Trucking on the Front Line in Fight Against COVID-19

As an increasingly aware United States mobilizes to contain the spread the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19, the trucking industry is uniquely positioned to help in the containment effort-or further accelerate the spread of the pandemic.

Cyber Monday 2019 By The Numbers: A Record $9.4 Billion Haul

With the busy holiday shopping season well under way, Cyber Monday raked in a new record of more than $9 billion in sales, marking the first day in history when consumers spent over $3 billion using their smartphones, the latest report from Adobe Analytics shows. Total sales hit $9.4 billion—up nearly 19% from a $7.9 billion […]

Walgreens, UnitedHealthcare team up to open in-store Medicare centers

Walgreens and UnitedHealthcare have signed a multi-year agreement to open 14 Medicare service centers in select Walgreens stores across five metropolitan areas starting next year. The centers will allow Walgreens customers to inquire about and even enroll in UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare Advantage plans. For those who are already UnitedHealthcare MA members, they will serve as a […]

How To Improve Your Small Business’s Black Friday Sales

When it comes to hot shopping days, it doesn’t get much hotter than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday sales kick things off, and for business owners, it can seem like a 96-hour rollercoaster ride from Friday through Monday. While you don’t need to extend your sale more than just those two specific days, […]

Walmart is opening 500 stores in China, doubling its store count there

Walmart announced plans to double its store count in China on Thursday, opening 500 new stores in the next five to seven years. A spokesperson for Walmart confirmed the news in a statement emailed to Business Insider, which explained that the new locations will include a mix of smaller stores, supercenters, and depots.