Freight Agent FAQs


MODE Transportation is striving to do more than manage freight movement, we’re seeking to solve any and all complex shipping problems. Our independent freight agents join us in delivering confidence and you can too. With agents who have been with us since the beginning in 1989 to agents who joined yesterday who wished they’d joined us sooner, you’ll feel at home with us. MODE Transportation will work hard to promote your success, celebrate your achievements, and help you grow.

Our freight agents work together as a network of independent business owners, instead of MODE employees. They are linked through MODE and may work closely together for operational support or remain autonomous.

After a discussion with our recruiter where both you and the recruiter think MODE Transportation is a good fit for you, we’ll review our policies with you and perform all necessary paperwork. After this is process is completed, the agreement will be signed by both parties and a start date will be established.

The timeline for new agent on-boarding varies depending on office-size, number of customers, and various other factors. However, the transition can be completed in as short as a weekend. 

Your Business

YES! Whether your goal is to maintain a small business model or grow through additional team members or larger customers, MODE Transportation is dedicated to supporting you.

MODE Transportation is a great place for large agencies. If you join us, you’ll receive extensive back office support, proprietary technology, and access to all modes of transportation. When large agencies join MODE, a project manager is assigned to guarantee a smooth transition and facilitate coordination.

As part of the application/consideration process, MODE conducts an account clearance on provided accounts to see if any of our current agents are working with the same customer. If there is an overlap, we will be sure to inform you. Often, when an overlap occurs, our current agents will be working on one product line while the new agent is working on a different product line. We work hard to solve any account clearance challenges during the interview stages.

YES! While other 3PLs control your market and offerings, we allow you to specialize in what you do best while facilitating your entrance into additional product lines. Many of our freight agents who focus on domestic freight will send their international opportunities to MODE international freight agents.


Our proprietary technology is a free service to you, your customers, carriers, and vendors. It can ‘bolt on’ to your current systems. While we require everything to be transmitted into our TMS system, much of your current automation can be still be used.

MODE’s TMS is an internet-based, real time application that allows for full shipment execution. It is always growing in functionality, but currently will:

  • Tender loads via email, portals, and EDI
  • Generate important documents (tender/dispatch, quote, bill of landing, & invoices)
  • Invoice customer (manifest & individual)
  • Optimize routes & route planning (multi-pick/multi-drop)
  • Provide access to an extensive community of carriers and solutions
  • Visibility of backhaul capacity
  • Increased carrier reliability and performance through error reduction
  • Reporting, customizable tools
  • Ability to post on public load boards
  • Status messaging on your freight


Absolutely! At MODE Transportation, we want our freight agents to succeed so our executive sales support team and product line managers will work with you to learn any new service offerings. We provide technology training and general training for each product line. Our extensive agent network also provides support when entering a new product line.

Our marketing department supports your business endeavors through general sales slicks to customized presentation decks for your customer. Our online store makes ordering MODE branded promotional goods easy! We also offer access to our printing portal to stock your office with stationary, letterhead, and business cards.