About our Technology

Our technology allows shippers and consignees to have the real-time, 24/7/365 internet access they need to stay in control of their loads.  It offers full end-to-end functionality needed for all modes and all aspects of the transportation chain.

Key Benefits

Our proprietary technology provides the flexibility and visibility that’s critical in the industry.

  • Real-time tracking/tracing via 24/7/365 web access for customers, carriers and agents from your computer or mobile device
  • Ability to execute all modes of freight
  • Capacity and carrier performance management
  • Full shipment execution that allows you to create shipments, determine carriers (bid/rate), look for backhauls, tender loads, track loads and perform carrier or customer settlement

Technology for our Customers

  • Full shipment execution that allows them to create shipments, determine carriers (bid/rate), look for backhauls, tender load, and track load
  • Exception management that allows the users the freedom from having to follow each of their loads
  • Enhanced communication and integration with external parties
  • Real-time shipment visibility

Technology for our Agents

  • Easy-to-use screens for data entry
  • Multiple tools for enhanced search of capacity
  • Full integration with industry-leading load boards
  • Dynamic view of capacity available across Mode network
  • Robust reporting and dashboard tools for internal and external use

Technology for our Carriers

  • Multiple options for communication across transactions (portals/mobile/EDI)
  • Equipment available postings by carriers that our network of offices will have visibility to when looking to capture capacity
  • Visibility to available loads across Mode network
  • Ability of approved carriers to self-manage their carrier profiles in our Carrier Management System, including managing contacts, identifying services and capabilities, and providing preferred lane information

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