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FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index sees significant gain

For December, the most recent month for which data is available, the TCI came in at 11.46, a significant increase over November’s 5.84 and October’s 3.17. FTR said strong sequential volume gains, as well as a favorable fuel environment paced this growth.

Challenges to US urban supply chains mount

“Relentless competition” and widespread urbanization are two of the top trends that will reshape trucking and logistics in the US and elsewhere as e-commerce expectations set by Amazon and its customers challenge traditional delivery strategies and processes, speakers at the SMC3Jumpstart 2019 Conference in Atlanta said Jan. 28-30. (This article requires a subscription to the Journal […]

No “crash” ahead after US truck capacity crunch

Nearly seven weeks into 2019, the contour of the US trucking landscape is becoming somewhat clearer. Truck capacity generally should be less tight this year than in 2018, but shippers shouldn’t expect another 2016, when excess capacity was the rule, rather than the exception. (This article requires a subscription to the Journal of Commerce. To […]

US truckers, shippers: ‘How slow can we grow?’

Last year, the big question about the US economy was, “How fast will it grow?” Now, everyone’s asking, “How fast will it slow?” Euphoria has given way to worry and concern amid trade disputes, stock market volatility, and a partial government shutdown. Economists who spoke at the SMC3 Jump Start 2019 conference this week don’t […]

State of Global Logistics: Time for a reality check

A combination of rising global interest rates and ongoing trade protectionism will continue to create unexpected turbulence for logistics managers over the course of 2019, say analysts. Meanwhile emerging markets will provide opportunities for faster growth-yet each faces its own set of operational challenges.

How is the Growth of E-Commerce Affecting Trucking?

Some of the issues of most concern to the industry, such as the driver shortage, hours of service, and truck parking, are affected by the growth of e-commerce and omni-channel marketing. The American Transportation Research Institute released an analysis of these impacts, including the challenges and opportunities posed by more regionalized retail supply chains and […]

Faster supply chains creating US truck capacity

For US shippers struggling to secure truck capacity, now is the time to act, and the first thing they should think about is time, especially how much time is lost in their supply chains. Capacity most often is measured in drivers, tractors, trailers, containers – all physical assets, human or otherwise – and space, as in […]