Building Sustainable & Efficient Supply Chains

At MODE Global, we are driven to provide prompt, sustainable delivery with maximum mile efficiency. By consolidating our orders where appropriate, optimizing lower carbon routes and assets, and relocating inventory to allow more efficient routes for our customers, we continue to significantly reduce empty miles. We are relentless with our goal of ensuring that no truck returns empty, but instead, is able to return with other shipments. 

As a leader in intermodal, less-than-truckload (LTL), and backhauling, we take sustainability seriously. MODE has worked to optimize customer transportation needs by harnessing the power of data and technology to provide shippers with energy and resource efficient options for transporting products. With each efficient and eco-friendly shipment of product, we are contributing towards building a global, environmentally safe supply chain and accelerating along with our industry partners, carriers and investors toward a higher standard for corporate sustainability and responsibility. 

As a SmartWay partner, MODE teams with the US EPA to measure, benchmark and improve logistics operations, and to further reduce its environmental footprint. Through this partnership, the EPA and its logistics partners, such as MODE, have helped other companies save fuel, lower costs, and reduce negative environmental impacts across the supply chain.

Preparing For The Future

According to the EPA, by 2025, international commerce will increase and supply chains will become more global and complex. Shipments of U.S. goods will grow another 23.5 percent, and by 2040, a total of 45 percent. As freight activity in the United States increases, projections are that during this same time frame, growth in air emissions from freight will exceed growth in emissions from all other transportation activities, including passenger transportation.

At MODE, we realize the business choices we make today directly impact the world we leave behind tomorrow. That is why, as a leading US-based third-party logistics (3PL) company, we embrace our responsibility to the environment and commit to proactively supporting the communities that sustain us. We understand that loads are not just pallets–they are an essential part of business, providing jobs for employees and products that keep our economy moving. We live and work in these communities, and rise to the challenge of engaging in sustainable business practices that are kind to the environment. This includes working diligently to build sustainable, efficient and digitized pathways for freight activity in an effort to become even more efficient at routing drivers, loading trucks, and handling freight. We are doing our part to honor commitments to future generations to pave the way for a cleaner earth. 

As a sustainable leader in the industry, MODE is uniquely positioned to create opportunities for our shippers to access ESG-friendly transportation, such as rail and watercraft. We have long-standing relationships with major rail providers and ocean carriers. As well, we help shippers identify carriers who utilize electric vehicles in their fleet and/or share similar values and visions on environmental and social sustainability, as well as good corporate citizenship.

Beyond The Shipment

MODE understands that our impact transcends shipments. We believe in being a force of good for the environment and for our society through the way we operate and carry out business. This means taking into account the services we provide and how they impact our world now and in the future. To achieve this, we have adopted an innovative mindset and keen focus on serving societies and communities across and beyond our supply chains.

Leading our organization in an ethical, safe and secure manner is a cornerstone of how we do business. Recognizing our corporate social responsibility, MODE has created an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Policy that focuses on doing business the right way and creating sustainable supply chains to positively impact the communities that rely on us and the planet that we depend on for critical natural resources. We envision substantially contributing to economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection for now and in the future. Below are some of the initiatives that we focus on through our ESG policy: 

  • Building a diverse, inclusive and efficient workforce, free of discrimination across all levels of management
  • Sourcing and procuring sustainable materials for our packaging and office needs
  • Exploring opportunities for optimized use of fossil fuels
  • Lowering our energy costs
  • Reducing our waste
  • Implementing recycling programs and replicating those across all our offices
  • Encouraging hybrid work environments and incentivizing our employees to participate in health programs
  • Partnering with shippers, carriers, and other stakeholders to implement our shared ESG goals across the industry
  • Respecting the human rights of those affected by our activities by seeking to do business with companies that do not utilize modern slavery, child or forced labor, human trafficking, or maintain discriminatory practices and partnering with companies like Truckers Against Trafficking
  • Maintaining policies that prohibit bribery and other corrupt practices across our supply chains 
  • Working to eliminate the likelihood of accidents that causes any injury to our people or harm to our planet 

To strengthen our allegiance to ESG, MODE formed an ESG Committee comprised of more than 20 members who aim to support the organization’s ongoing commitment to environmental, health and safety, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, sustainability, and other public policy matters relevant to MODE. The mission of the ESG Committee is to further honor our core values through service, education, awareness, and advocacy in a manner that drives our strategic ESG initiatives, with a focus on serving the needs of the community, ensuring company-wide social corporate responsibility, and encouraging sustainable solutions for shippers and carriers.

For Shippers

At MODE, we believe in creating customized solutions that will improve your sustainability performance. We help shippers minimize waste through the transformation of supply chain strategies that involve eliminating empty miles, utilizing intermodal conversion, freight consolidation (where appropriate, combining shipments efficiently to maximize space and minimize resources), asset & route optimization, and co-loading freight. And as a non-asset provider, we’re committed to using the best mode of transportation for your needs. Without the limitation of existing assets, we’re poised to pivot to next-generation solutions as they become available. Contact us today. 

For Carriers

We rely on you, our carriers, to make each mile count by providing exceptional service. To make your work easier, MODE connects carriers with the right freight and provides dynamic and updated routes in an effort to make sure all trucks are full and no fuel is wasted through empty miles. Our focus is to ensure that drivers and carriers are able to haul without hassle while maximizing their earnings using sustainable practices. Whether you make use of fuel alternatives, such as biodiesel, or wish to run routes for sustainability-minded shippers, MODE can help. Apply here to become an approved carrier for MODE.

For MODE Employees

As an employee of our teams, you are a part of the global transition towards sustainable supply chains. From our recycling and composting programs and data optimization efforts to fighting unconscious bias at the workplace and eliminating all kinds of discrimination while reducing carbon emissions, our employees are setting us apart from the industry as a leader in sustainable business. Here is how you can join our team.