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Truck Drivers Could Be Among Earliest to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Truck drivers and other workers in critical and essential jobs could be among the earliest people to receive COVID-19 vaccinations as several major pharmaceutical companies begin working with large transportation firms to deliver the vaccines.

Mercy deploys to provide medical relief in LA

Washington governor also asked Trump for hospital ship’s help during coronavirus pandemic. The USNS Mercy hospital ship sailed from San Diego on Monday to provide relief to Los Angeles-area hospitals overburdened by the coronavirus pandemic.

Trucking on the Front Line in Fight Against COVID-19

As an increasingly aware United States mobilizes to contain the spread the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19, the trucking industry is uniquely positioned to help in the containment effort-or further accelerate the spread of the pandemic.

Amazon Prioritizes Getting Shipments Related to COVID-19 into Fulfillment Centers

A day after announcing it is hiring 100,000 more people, Amazon told sellers and vendors in the United States and European Union on March 17 that it is “temporarily prioritizing products coming into its fulfillment centers” to focus on household staples and medical supplies in high demand due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 epidemic.

FMCSA Issues Expanded HOS Emergency Declaration

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on March 18 issued an expanded national emergency declaration to provide hours-of-service regulatory relief to commercial vehicle drivers transporting emergency supplies in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Walgreens, UnitedHealthcare team up to open in-store Medicare centers

Walgreens and UnitedHealthcare have signed a multi-year agreement to open 14 Medicare service centers in select Walgreens stores across five metropolitan areas starting next year. The centers will allow Walgreens customers to inquire about and even enroll in UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare Advantage plans. For those who are already UnitedHealthcare MA members, they will serve as a […]

US life expectancy down in recent years after increasing for decades

Life expectancy in the United States has fallen since 2014 after six decades of increasing. The driving force is in middle-aged deaths from drug overdoses, suicides and organ system diseases, according to a wide-reaching report published Tuesday in JAMA. The findings shows disparities in mortality trends across races and geographic locations. The largest increase in […]