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For Some Fleets, Adding Drivers Is a Mission

The spread of the coronavirus has created some division in the freight-hauling sector. As the situation at two fleets illustrated, while some loads have dwindled to a trickle in this temporarily locked-down economy, other parts of the trucking industry are booming to meet the demand for necessary consumer goods and medical supplies, and adding drivers […]

Coronavirus Watch: Shopping Behavior Shifts, Walmart Hires Thousands

A new survey finds a dramatic increase in the number of shoppers affected by the coronavirus outbreak, across all ages and genders, over the last month. In the survey by First Insight, Inc., 75% of respondents said the virus is impacting their shopping behavior. That compares with 45% in a comparable survey conducted in February.

Georgia ports employ ‘isolate and operate strategy’ to battle COVID-19

It’s business as usual at Georgia’s ports, but with an “isolate and operate strategy.” That strategy includes spreading out workers at the 1,300-acre Garden City Terminal in Savannah to minimize the risk of exposure to the coronavirus, Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) Executive Director Griff Lynch said.

NWSA focused on keeping commerce moving during pandemic

Terminals at the ports of Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, were operating normally Monday, had no confirmed cases of the coronavirus and, for the time being, had enough disinfecting supplies, according to Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA) Chief Executive Officer John Wolfe.

COVID-19 restricting US trucking route map

The rapid spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the United States is raising concerns about the ability to ship and deliver goods domestically as businesses are urged to shut down. Over the past week, COVID-19-related closures rapidly extended beyond schools, universities, and churches to bars, restaurants, and other public places.

Trucking on the Front Line in Fight Against COVID-19

As an increasingly aware United States mobilizes to contain the spread the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19, the trucking industry is uniquely positioned to help in the containment effort-or further accelerate the spread of the pandemic.