Agent Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Mode Transportation instead of any other large 3PL company?

We believe that Mode Transportation has it all. We are able to leverage our size within the industry and have exceptional personalized service to our agents.  We have agents who have been with us since the beginning in 1989, and others who tell us they wished they had joined us sooner.  Furthermore, our company is growing and always moving forward.  We stay accountable to our network and work to promote their success and happiness with their affiliation with Mode Transportation.

What is the “network” that is frequently mentioned?

Our agents are not employees but they do all work together as a network of independently owned businesses.  Like other networks, they are linked in many ways.  Some agents work very closely together for operations support.  Others remain more autonomous.   The choice is up to each independent business owner.

Our office already has a Transportation Management System (TMS) that we like.  Do we have to use yours?

We know that about 50% of transportation offices have some sort of automation in use in their operations.  The other 50% have not yet invested in a TMS.  Our technology, which is free to our agents, their customers, carriers, and even vendors, is particularly impressive because it has a very strong “bolt on” capability to work with your existing systems and processes.  So, though ultimately everything needs to be transmitted in our TMS, much of your previous automation can be blended into the mix.

Tell me more about your TMS.  What can it do for an agency?

As an internet-based, real-time application it allows for full shipment execution – from creating shipments and loads to determining carriers to tendering and tracking loads, and more.  It will:

  • Tender loads via email, portals or electronic data interface (EDI)
  • Generate documents (tender/dispatch, quotes, bill of lading, invoices)
  • Invoice customers – manifest and individual
  • Offer optimization of routes, route planning (multi-pick/multi-drop) and access to a wider community of carriers and solutions
  • Provide visibility to backhaul capacity
  • Increase carrier reliability and performance by reducing errors
  • Provide access to reporting tools in customized formats
  • Allow posting to public load boards
  • Provide capability to receive status messages on your freight

I have done Intermodal and Truckload but would like to add LTL to my customer offerings.  How will you help me learn the sales and operations part of LTL?

We will work with any agents that want to add a mode of transportation to their current list of services.  No matter what you already do and what you want to learn, our executive sales support as well as our product line managers will work with you until you are comfortable with operations.  Should the new product line necessitate more or different technology training, we will provide that as well.  Additionally, many of our agents use the agent network for advice.

I have a small but well-established book of business.  Is there a place for me at Mode Transportation?

Yes.  Many of our agents have a relatively small book of business and treasure the smaller scale and their customer relationships.  The best thing is that if you choose to grow, either by adding more salespeople, or going after more or bigger customers, you have the support from Mode Transportation to do so.

My business is already a large and comprehensive group of professionals.  What would we gain by bring our business to Mode Transportation?

Mode Transportation is a great match for large agencies.  The draw for these agencies is the back-office support, our technology, our ability to facilitate their handling of all modes of transportation, and the financial relief that comes from having the bills paid by our corporate office.  When a large agency joins us, a project manager is brought in to keep all action items moving forward – including coordinating the training support for the go live date.

Will I be able to convert all of my customers to Mode Transportation if I become an agent?

As part of the consideration process, we will do an account clearance on any accounts you provide to us so we can see if any of our agents are already working with the same customers.  When there is an account being worked by an existing agent, we will let you know.  We often find that one agent is providing only one mode while the new agent provides another.  We work hard to find an acceptable solution to all account clearance situations while you are still in the interview process.

How long is the conversion process – or new agent on-boarding?

Depending on the size of the office, the number of customers, etc., the conversion process can take place over the weekend.  It is completely dependent upon the actual agency and its personnel as to training, ramping up, etc.  We give you additional support as a new agent until you feel confident in the transition.

How does the credit limit process work?

All new customers are asked to complete a credit application to determine their credit limit.  When you do your initial account clearance, we also let you know what we think could be the limit for each account.  Agents who work within the credit limits have protection if the customer pays late or doesn’t pay at all.

What kind of training do you offer?

We have training on our technology, product line training, sales training and more.

Can I choose what I sell and operate and what I want to sell only?

Absolutely, and many of our agents do just that.  For example, since international freight is quite a bit different from  domestic freight, many of our agents operate their domestic and choose to send their international to one of international offices.  They still collect their 30% sales commission and the operating office gets the 30% operating commission.

What do you provide in terms of marketing materials?

We provide marketing materials such as brochures, presentation folders, case studies, etc.  We also provide core presentation decks about the company and some of our specific services that you can use to build customized  presentations.  You will have access to our printing portal to order these materials, including office stationery such as letterhead, invoice envelopes and business cards.  We pick up the costs for these items with very few exceptions.  We also have a company store where you can purchase promotional items to give to customers , although you are free to use any company you prefer for these.  We can provide them the logo, color details, etc.

What is your application process?

If, after a discussion with one of our recruiters, there is a desire to move forward, our application process includes a review of our policies, and a background/credit check.  After that is approved, an agreement can be signed and a start date can be established.

Note: Terms and conditions are governed by the agreement between Mode and its agents and Mode’s policy and procedures.

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