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Trucking Industry Now Short 80,000 Drivers

The trucking industry is now short at least 80,000 drivers, according to ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello, who on Oct. 20 raised the estimate of drivers needed from 61,500 in his annual findings

How Would You Address the Driver Shortage?

From improving the quality of life on the road to recognizing truck-driving as a lifestyle, supply chain leaders share the first thing they would do to address the truck driver shortage.

Dollar Tree: Winning Through Logistics

What can a great logistics operation do for a company in this economy? Lots more than move boxes around, as it turns out. Take the logistics team at Dollar Tree as an example.

5 Significant Service Trends

Which services are shippers buying, and what does that say about the current supply chain landscape? Here are five trends based on shipper responses to our exclusive survey from 2016 to 2021.