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US Adds (224,000) jobs in June

The U.S. added a robust 224,000 new jobs in June, rebounding from a recent lull and calming worries about the health of an economy now entering a record 11th year of expansion.

Port Tracker report signals volume growth will remain but at a reduced level

High levels of imports are expected to remain intact at United States-based retail container ports, albeit at a lower level than a year ago at this time, as retail shippers rushed to bring goods into the U.S., in advance of scheduled tariff increases, according to the most recent edition of the Port Tracker report published […]

Chobani unveils program to support the ‘future of dairy’

Greek yogurt maker Chobani LLC, the second-largest overall yogurt manufacturer in the United States, announced a comprehensive new program to further its commitment to positive transformation of its “milkshed” — supporting the economic, environmental and social impacts of its No. 1 ingredient: fresh milk from local farms.