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Freight Rates Soar for Small-Business Truckers in January

As shippers and brokers deal with a shortage of trucks to carry freight, small-business truckers are poised to make more than they have in years. It’s a big turnaround from recent years, when there wasn’t enough freight demand to fill up all the nation’s trucks and drivers struggled to get attractive rates.

Tax changes lift Canadian National to profit

Canadian National Railway said net income increased by 156% to C$2.61 billion ($2.12 billion) in the fourth quarter from a year ago while earnings per share soared by 164% to C$3.48 ($2.82) on changes to the U.S. corporate tax rate that saw a deferred income tax recovery of C$1.76 billion, or C$2.35 per share.

ATA shows off ‘Build America’ infrastructure funding plan

The American Trucking Associations supports President Trump’s call for a sweeping plan to repair the country’s highways, bridges and other infrastructure. But, it disagrees with a document leaked earlier this week that is said to outline the administration’s plans to increase tolls to pay for much of the work.

US trucking’s uncharted ELD rollout stings shippers

Shippers may blame the electronic logging device mandate (ELD) for supply chain problems, but the ELD mandate has supply chain issues of its own. The biggest regulatory change for trucking in decades hit a few road bumps after its Dec. 18 rollout. Some of those bumps were expected, but the mandate has had unexpected consequences […]

Cargo chiefs optimistic on 2018 profitability

The majority (56%) of airline chief financial officers and heads of cargo expect their profitability levels to improve further over the coming 12 months. An early January 2018 survey for the IATA Airline Business Confidence Index saw the passenger and cargo executives indicate an improvement in year-on-year profitability in the final quarter of 2017 compared […]

Convergence of technologies will transform transportation

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) believes the transportation of people and goods both stand to gain “tremendous opportunities” as a variety of technologies – from electric powertrains to automated driving systems – “transform the world of mobility as we know it.”

Inside Oil Giant Shell’s Race to Remake Itself For a Low-Price World

Last March, Royal Dutch Shell said it was selling most of its stake in Canada’s oil sands, a vast project that has extracted millions of barrels of sticky, gooey hydrocarbons from the ground in a process that resembles mining more than drilling. The oil and gas giant announced that it was unloading its oil-sands assets, […]